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Here are some common questions about Bayswater Fish N Chips
Why order online?

1. Accurate
Our Website Instantly transmits your order to us using latest technology.

2. Safe
We’ve implemented industry standards and best practices when it comes to transmission and storage of personal information. Our privacy policy states that we don’t store any credit card information. We use Stripe, a certified 3rd party payment gateway to handle all sensitive financial information.

Do you do delivery?

Not at the moment, we will soon in the future. However, there are exceptions, such as catering.

Do you accept card?

Yes, we do accept credit card payments. We accept both domestic and international consumer credit cards, including debit and eftpos.

Do you allow your customers to cash out?

No unfortunately, we’re a small business and we’re very limited with our resources.

Do you do catering?

Yes, depending on your order. For example if you have ordered $100 worth of catered food, you must expect a minimum of one hour or more.

What oils do you use?

We use a special type of animal oil that is specially produced to cook extremely crispy fish and chips.

Is your food fresh?

We make sure our food is as fresh as possible, we only purchase from the top suppliers of Australia.

Do you sell any “gluten free” products?

Yes, our chicken is gluten free. Gluten free grilled fish will be coming soon.

Is your food halal?

No, but you always have the option to try our finest fish and chips, which does not affect many people of religion.

Does your shop follow australian hygiene standards?

Yes, we are certified by the official knox city council and the Australian food safety standard organisation.