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Welcome To Bayswater Fish N Chips

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Why Order Online?

Our online ordering system is quick, easy and seamless. The number one priority is to ensure that our system is convenient for all customers.

An image of a coin going into the piggy bank. This SVG icon represents the "Get 5% Off Everything" bullet point.

Get 8% Off Altogether

When you order online we don’t have a 3% surcharge fee, we instead give you a 5% discount which is a total of 8%.

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Accurate Orders

Our system is designed to be quick and easy, we have eliminated human errors to make your orders a breeze.

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No Queue Time

We have the ability to accept multiple orders at once, you can order in real time without any waiting.

Takeaway Menu On PDF

You can now carry a local pdf file of our takeaway menu on your phone or computer! If your internet is down or inaccessible, you can always download and view the pdf version of it.

Our Location

We’re located in eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Our exact address is shop 8/2 High Street, Bayswater, VIC 3153. As our name implies, Bayswater Fish N Chips is in Bayswater, and this is our one and only location.


Order On Facebook

You can order through facebook! If you enjoy going on social media, then we’ve made life very convenient for you. Head over to our facebook page and make an order now!

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